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Fall Weekend 2020

It is with sincere regret to inform you that our fall weekend scheduled in October of 2020 will be postponed until the Spring of 2021. Your secretariat spent much time discussing what would be in the best interest of our community in regards to hosting a weekend this fall and the overwhelming majority of the votes were to cancel due to the current global pandemic. This decision did not come lightly and was surrounded by prayer and discussion.

It is our hope and prayer that our society will have a better handle and grasp on how to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic in the near future.  Tres Dias International stated the other Tres Dias communities are also postponing their fall weekends for the same reasons, thus we are not alone in this decision.

Secretariat would like to encourage each of you to look for other ways to be building up the community such as attending reunion groups and inviting others to be a part of your group; this may prepare the path for new Pescadores to attend a weekend. We are still trying to host secuelas for fellowship and gathering together, so please be on the watch for announcements in regards to the secuela dates. We can still spread God’s love to those around us in our daily lives and can take purposeful steps to renew our walk daily with the Lord; whether that be through daily bible reading, time in prayer, bible study groups (in-person/online) or meeting in small groups with other Christians for fellowship and accountability (reunion groups). Please be in prayer for our Rector (Todd Hunt/Ken Templeton), Rectora (Kirsten Ackmann/Karen Oldenburg) and head chas as they cope with this delay. May God hold them firm to His truth and grant the patience to wait on His timing. Continue to make your 4th day honoring to God our Father. 

God Loves You and So Do I,

Jeff Ingersoll ALTD Lay Director 

New Board Members:

We would like to introduce and welcome the new ALTD board members to the community.

Jesse and Jennifer Arvizu are our new palanca chairs

Nikki Lynch is our new secretary chair

Dave Donehey is our new weekend chair

We are pleased to announce weekend #43 Rector/Rectora and head chas:
For the men's weekend, Men's Rector is Todd Hunt and his head cha is Ken Templeton.
For the women's weekend, Kirsten Ackmann is the rectora and her head cha is Karen Oldenburg


What is Tres Dias?                                                                       

Tres Dias is:

  • A Christian Interdenomination renewal movement
  • Originating in the Cursillo movement
  • Over 70 Tres Dias communities around the world
  • A prayer, study, and action small group support movement.

Tres Dias:

  • Encourages Christians to tell others about Christ
  • Emphasizes the love that our Lord has for each of us
  • Encourages Christians to work in their home congregations and to evangelize.

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