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Abundant Life Tres Dias

Serving Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin 



Pay It Forward Campaign

Posted by Communications Chair on 30 December, 2018 at 16:25

By: Karen Weis

Lay Director

In many fourth day communities (including several Tres Dias communities), there is a “pay it forward” process; participants on a particular weekend don’t pay a fee to attend. At the end of the weekend (and with follow up shortly thereafter), they are invited to pay what they are able so the next group of weekend participants can benefit from the weekend as they have been so richly blessed. Our goal is to have 100% participation from Pescadores attending #41 at whatever level they are able to donate.

Imagine having the very real obstacle of finances removed for sponsors, churches, and participants!

ALTD has launched a “Pay it Forward” campaign this fall with the goal of having Weekend #41 in the fall of 2019 completely paid for, for up to 30 men and 30 women. At the normal fee of $200 per person we would require $12,000 in our treasury. This is not an impossible feat. We already have over $6,500 donated as a matching challenge from members of our community, and we have applied to the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois for a $3,000 grant. We believe we can raise the remaining $5,600 from our community of more than 1,200 Pescadores.

A new giving system on the ALTD website is very easy to use – we have some ALTD members already donating $5 a month in this manner towards the “pay it forward” campaign - $5 a month is a grand latte at your favorite coffee house. There are 10 months before the fall 2019 weekend – for $15 a month you could completely fund a candidate to attend the weekend at no charge. You can also text to give - text ALTD to 1-206-859-9405 to donate and set up your giving account.

We are excited to embark on this journey with our community, to make it possible to attend Weekend #41 as our guest, and the challenge for our new Pescadores to “Pay it Forward” for Weekend #42.

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