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Abundant Life Tres Dias

Serving Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin 

Sponsoring a Candidate

  • Pray, Pray, Pray!!
  • Talk to your applicant - answer all questions, truthfully.
  • Show your applicant the ALTD Informational Video
  • Download an ALTD brochure to help you answer their questions about the weekend.
  • Download a registration form (see Applications page) and help them fill it out. Please note: a pastor's signature is optional, but please make every attempt to get it. However, if the pastor's signature can not be obtained, that is NOT a reason for an applicant to withdrawal from the weekend.
  • If financial assistance is needed, talk to the Pre-Weekend Chair; there are often scholarships available for applicants, or he/she can provide advice on what to do
  • Once your candidate has been accepted, start collecting Palanca letters and write one yourself.
  • Review with your applicant what to bring and what to leave home (cameras, cell phone, pagers, laptops, money, etc).
  • See if the applicant's family has needs for the weekend such as driving for errands, babysitting, etc. and help provide it.
  • On Thursday of the weekend, pick up your applicant and get him or her to the Retreat Center; be sure to carry their luggage for them.
  • Attend Clausura on Sunday and make sure your applicant has a way home.
  • Carry their luggage to the car for them and take them out for coffee or soda after the Clausura.
  • Let them do the talking about their weekend and listen....listen....listen!
  • After the weekend is over help them find a reunion group.
  • Bring them to Secuelas.
  • Help them sponsor someone as they are lead by God to do so.
  • Answer their questions.
  • PRAY!!!

Easy link for donations

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